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Our nose would be very happy to live in this book.




FLAW is the story is four young college students who are flawed, either on the inside or on the outside. It's the story of how these flaws help them and how they hinder them. No one is perfect, everyone has some kind of flaw, no matter who they are, where they come from, and how they live their lives. And FLAW shows us that through the lives of Aidan, Josh, Becca, and Jordyn.

I loved that the story alternated between these four POVs. It's one of my favorite ways that an author could write a story. Multiple POVs show readers a more in-depth look into the lives of the characters. I think that Ringbloom made the right choice to go this route, and did an amazing job in keeping the story flowing.

I also like that we don't really know who's going to end up with who until the second part of the story. One moment it's Aidan and Becca, then it's Becca and Josh, then Aidan and Jordyn, then Josh and Jordyn, and all kinds of inbetween. It keeps readers guessing and engaged in the romance aspect of the story.



The Guys: Aidan has a scar across his cheek that scares most people away. He hides his face behind sunglasses and hoods. While he may look flawed on the outside, he's a beautiful person on the inside. He helps people who are in need of it (the cause behind his scar) and even though he was shown more rejection as a child than was warranted, he is very accepting of people for who they are. He has a very close friendship with Becca, but that may be heading into "something more" and things become a bit confusing when Jordyn enters the picture.

Josh is the opposite of Aidan. He a handsome guy and he could probably get any girl he wanted, except he's a complete jerk once he gets what he wants from them. Josh is a spoiled rich kid who makes his parents do the work he should be doing and takes what they give him without having to do anything to earn it. What goes around, comes around, though. And he learns the pain that he made those girls feel when he falls for Becca.

The Girls: Becca is a little different than most girls. She has pink hair and wears flip flops in the snow. She feels the need to protect Aidan because of how he's been treated in the past. But when she meets Josh and learns about his past with woman, she realizes that she may need some protecting too.

Jordyn is perfection personified. Her hair is perfect, her posture is perfect, she's never late for an engagement. Her obsession with perfection is probably her greatest flaw. Because everything in her life revolves around perfection, she is looking for a flaw in her life. And the flaw she wants in her life is Aidan.




In FLAW, the romances are like a jumbled ball of yarn, very tangled. When you finally think you've figured out who is going to end up with who, it's all tangled up again.

You have Aidan and Becca, then Becca and Josh, then Aidan and Jordyn, then Jordyn and Josh. Then it starts all over again. I'm just glad that it ended up the way I had wanted it to.

I did feel that Aidan and Becca's relationship took a turn for the weird and obsessive, when they tried for something more.

And don't even get me started on Josh. It was pretty funny though when he made moves on Jordyn, not once, but twice. And his past with women has left a long line of very angry women.

I thought that the romance in FLAW was beautiful when they accepted each other for their flaws, heartbreaking when those flaws got in the way, and even funny when those flaws got them in ridiculous and embarrassing situations.






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