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There is NO WAY you will ever get our nose out of this book!



FORGET ME NOT is the story of a young girl who stumbles upon a piece of advanced technology that's not supposed to be in ordinary hands. This leads Anamae and her best friend Will into the protective hands of a resistance group fighting against The Collective, who basically want to rule the world, one piece of tech at a time. But there is more going on than any of them know.

I seriously really loved this book! FORGET ME NOT has become a new favorite of mine, and I'm really excited to see what else will happen in this new book world.
I thought that it was interesting how the necklace that belonged to Anamae's mother was in the shape of a forget me not. It's like a message is being sent to Anamae not to forget her mother or something. And then it turns out that the necklace isn't just an ordinary necklace, but a piece of advanced technology that can make the wearer invisible. 
Then there is the secret society of The Collective. There is a lot of mystery behind them, and I like how not much is given about them. There are tiny little tidbits that slowly reveal them. It keeps readers guessing, and we're even thrown for a loop every once in a while. It's great!


The Guys: Will Avery is Anamae's best friend. He's been there for herwhen her mother disappeared, and he's very (and I mean VERY) protective of her. It's also hinted that he may have feelings for her. He really doesn't like Jax.
I really liked Will. He's a great friend and a huge source of support for Anamae. But just like Anamae, I found is overprotectiveness a little annoying at times. 
Jax Belfry is one of the resistance fighters, and the one who saved Anamae when she was attacked by a Collective scout. He's got walls higher than the tallest skyscraper, but he sometimes lets his guard down around Anamae. He's got a secret that will surprise you!
Okay, Jax is definitely a new book boyfriend. I mean, for one, he's hot. And second, though his attitude can be off-putting, it also draws you in. Isn't that the case with most to-die-for book boyfriends?
The Girls: Anamae is a girl who basically just wants to go home and have her whole family back again. Her mother went missing when she was little, and then she gets into trouble with The Collective, who do something to her father. Once it becomes apparent that she's going to have to join the fight, she does so with a passion. Then there is Jax. He just has her emotions all over the place. 
At first Anamae is kind of selfish and just looks out for her own interests. But then when she finds out the consequences of her actions, she takes the situation more seriously. I liked when she got into her fighter mentality. I think she's stronger than any of them may know, even herself. And she is one lucky girl to have Jax's attention, especially since it's said that he pays no attention to any other girls.
Lilly is the daughter of the resistance leader. She quickly becomes a good friend to Anamae. She's kind of boy-crazy. She's well versed in medical applications, and is the go-to person when someone is injured.
I loved Lilly! I really want her for my BFF.


In general, the baddies are The Collective. They influence everything from wars and famines to who rises to political power. Every aspect of life, they've got their fingers in. They control almost all the advanced technology, and anyone who has a piece in their possession (and knows the real use of it) are seen as threats and eliminated. They are ruled by a Council of Patriarchs.
But in FORGET ME NOT, the main baddie is one of the Patriarchs named Manvyke. He's the one who has been behind what's been happening to Anamae. He's using her as a distraction for the Council to set his own plans into motion. He also has some interesting insight into Anamae's mother.


There are some pretty steamy scenes between Anamae and Jax. You may need a fan just to keep cool reading them! 
The thing with Anamae and Jax is that they kind of go back and forth. One moment they're kissing and the next they are fighting. The romance between these two definitely keeps you on your toes.
I also liked that there wasn't an insta-love. The attraction is there right away, and to be honest, I'm not even sure I would say there is a "love." Neither of them say anything about their feelings. It's more like they show each other. In other words, you know that they feel something for each other, but you're kind of left wondering what will happen next between them. And that's something that I really liked about these two.


Now the action is really awesome in FORGET ME NOT. All that advanced technology - from invisibility to disappearing bullet proof shields, and all kinds of other interesting things inbetween. Then there are the fight scenes. So super cool! These fights don't go easy on anyone. The girls get hit just as much as the guys, and vice versa. That was something that I really liked in the fight scenes. And some of the fights are pretty brutal.






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