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There is NO WAY you will ever get our nose out of this book!



In UNTIL TREVOR, we see what has happened between Trevor Mayson and Liz Hayes after he rejects her, breaking her heart, all because of a misunderstanding. Trevor, like his brothers, has a reputation for being a playboy, and when he learns that Liz is innocent, he can't handle it. So he rejects her, ignores her, all the while driving away any other guys who show interest in her. Liz has had her share of painful rejections in her life, but when Trevor pushed her away without letting her explain what she meant by the word "Never," she's determined to never let him back into her heart, no matter how much he tries to push his way back in. But not all the best laid plans work out.

Okay, so Trevor made a huge jerk move when he rejected Liz, just because he thought she was a virgin. It shouldn't have mattered whether she was or not. So while I liked Trevor overall, it took a while for him to get back into my good graces as a character, just as it did for Liz. She definitely didn't make it easy for him, he had to make a huge effort to win back her heart.

There were some really great moments in UNTIL TREVOR that I really liked. Not to mention how funny they were. I won't say too much about them, only that it was the tire scene and the scene where Jen is tied to the bed. I love how Liz showed how strong she was in these scenes. She wasn't going to let anyone bully her around (well, except maybe Trevor).

The story line that involves Liz's brother brought the suspense to UNTIL TREVOR. That sense of danger that the men that are after him poses a threat not only to him, but Liz as well. 

I also liked how Cash's story was introduced in this book. It gives readers a sense of what is going to happen, and builds the anticipation for the next book.




The Guy: Trevor Mayson is the second eldest son in the Mayson family. He had a plan: to make the family business a success and "play the field" until he was ready to settle down. But Liz changed all of that. And when he thought that she was still a virgin, he used that to hide from how he was really feeling, breaking her heart in the process. All of the Mayson boys are Alpha males, but I would say that as of right now, Trevor is more so than the others at this point in the series. His alpha tendencies are a source of frustration to Liz, although she does like it up to a point.

The Girl: Liz Hayes has had her share of rejection is her life. Mostly from her mother, who shut down after the death of her father. So when Trevor rejects her, all because of a misunderstanding, it breaks her heart. She doesn't trust his feelings for her, and refuses to let him back in. She fears having children and leaving them behind, like she was left behind when her father died. Liz is not a shy person, but an observant person. She won't let people bully her, and she gives as good as she gets.



In some ways, there are three villains in UNTIL TREVOR. First would be Liz's brother, Tim. He steals money from her business to pay off a gambling debt, which leaves her homeless and about to lose her business. But it turns out that there is a lot more to the situation than he's saying.

Second are the men that are after Tim. I can't say too much about what happens with them. But when they come to town looking for him, it's not good.

And third, but not least, is Jen. She is a woman who Trevor had been sleeping with, and she developed obsessive feelings for him. She harasses Liz whenever she can, and continues to try to get Trevor back, even though it's obvious to everyone that he only has eyes for Liz.





The romance between Trevor and Liz began in Until November, when Liz had been at Trevor's parent's house one day, and then they became friends. Their relationship moved onto the next level when they were celebrating the birth of Asher and November's daughter July. But a misunderstanding causes Trevor to reject Liz before it can be cleared up. So in UNTIL TREVOR, we see him trying to make up for the wrong he did to her, and win her heart back.

I liked how Liz didn't make it easy for him at all. Liz seemed really meek in Until November, but in UNTIL TREVOR we see that she's go a pretty strong backbone. I also liked how she stood up to Jen. Like I said, Liz gives as good as she gets, and Jen learned that the hard way.

I was worried for a little while, when Liz's fear of having children came up. It's obvious that she loves children, but she fears leaving them behind. But Trevor was there to support her, and I liked how he reassured her that not having children wasn't a deal breaker. Now that showed how much he really loves her, because he really wants to have children with her, but was willing to give that up just to be with her.



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