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Our nose would be very happy to live in this book.



In REWOUND, Dez feels betrayed by her husband, Jaxson, when she finds a compromising photo of him with another woman. So she uses the time-travel technology that her husband's company has to go back into her past and start all over, to a time before she met Jaxson. What she doesn't expect is for him to follow her back and try to win her heart all over again.
I'm going to say this right now, and get it out of the way. REWOUND, in my opinion, does not have a happy ending. You could look at how the book ends as either a happy ending or an unhappy ending depending on your perspective. For me, if I'm left bawling my eyes out, in sadness, that it isn't an happily ever after ending.
I was actually really blindsided by the revelation of what was really happening. There are parts in the story where both Dez and Jaxson are having blackout, that hint that there is a lot more going on than we are lead to believe. I didn't really pay much attention to these points, so when the moment of revelation came, the impact was hard. Even now, thinking back on the story to write this review, I want to start crying again. 
This book really hits your heart by the time you finish it.
The Guy: In the future, Jaxson is a successful CEO, but in his past he was a pierced and tattooed playboy. That is until he met Dez. She changed his entire life and his love for her only grows stronger with time. So when he chases her back into time and she pushes him away at every chance and insists on never being with him ever again, he takes matters into his own hands to win her heart back. He knows about her love for romance novels, and uses that to make some of her fantasies come true. Their attraction and chemistry are explosive and that is one of the things that keeps her coming back to him, but Jaxson knows that if he wants Dez to choose him again, that he needs to prove to her that his love for her hasn't changed.
The Girl: It was the anniversary of their wedding when Dez found that compromising photo of Jaxson with another woman and feeling betrayed she travels back in time to just before Spring Break, when her original choice had been what caused her to meet Jaxson. But she plans on making the opposite choice this time and try to "rekindle" her relationship with Owen. But then Jaxson shows up to ruin her plans. And no matter how hard she tries, she can't stay away from Jaxson. She still loves him more than anything, but she's going to give him one final test to prove his love for her.


For this section, I'm going to do a kind of beginning, middle, and end type run-through.
At the start of REWOUND, Dez is begging a lab technician to send her back in time, so that she can start over after she found that photo of Jaxson with another woman. She is sent back to the moment when her choice not to go to Panama City the first time changed who she would eventually end up with. If she had gone the first time, she may have been with Owen instead of Jaxson, but in her original timeline she chose not to go and that's when she met Jaxson. So she plans on doing the exact opposite this time. But then Jaxson shows up and interferes with her plans.
Then after some misunderstandings are cleared up and a few bumps in the road crossed, Dez and Jaxson are getting ready to start their lives together all over again. They rededicate themselves to each other by getting remarried and having their names tattooed on each other. 
But then Jaxson has a blackout and he begins to remember what's really happening. I won't say what that is, but I will say that he chooses to stay with Dez to the very end.
Dez and Jaxson's love story is very bittersweet, and we don't even realize that until the end. During the rest of the book, their passion is scorching and their love is deeper than the ocean. Then we are slapped with the truth, and all I wanted to do was cry out their pain. I felt it that much.
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